When you have a stoma, finding the right ostomy products is very important. A pouching system that works well can not only make you feel secure and confident, but also keep the skin around your stoma healthy.

At Hollister, we are dedicated to developing products that help people with ostomies live their lives to the fullest. In the testimonials below, you can meet some of the people behind our products – and learn about the successes they’ve had using CeraPlus™ ostomy pouches, skin barriers, and accessories.

Collin J.

California, USA
Living with an ostomy since 2013


About Collin:

Collin is a marathon runner and cycling enthusiast. He was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis when he was a junior at the University of California, Berkeley. His body rejected drug treatment to the point where he lost 30 pounds and was sleeping 15 hours a day. His situation was so dire that he underwent a series of emergency surgeries to remove his colon and create an ostomy.

Barely five years later, however, he made the news: “Collin Jarvis Runs Sub-2:30 in One of the Fastest Marathons Ever With an Ostomy.” As evidenced by his marathon-running success, Collin now has the wind at his back. He also has a whole new purpose in life, which includes being Vice President of Stealth Belt, Inc., an ostomy support belt manufacturer.

Collin's favorite ostomy products:

Collin’s product success story:

"For me, I have found that CeraPlus™ Pouches and Skin Barriers are easy to use and to remove, and they are also flexible while maintaining dependable adhesion. That allows me to be active so that I can do the things that I love, like running, cycling, and being outdoors.

I recently switched from the Adapt™ Barrier Ring to the CeraRing™ Barrier Ring because I use the CeraPlus™ Skin Barriers and it made sense for my products to match so that I could maximize the benefits of ceramide. I use a ring as part of my daily routine as it helps prevent leakage and gives me the confidence to go about my day."

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