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Conform 2™ - Soft Convex CeraPlus™ Skin Barrier - Tape

The CeraPlus™ skin barrier with Remois technology* is infused with ceramide. Ceramide is a natural component of human skin that helps prevent water loss that can lead to skin dryness and damage. It is designed to maintain adhesive properties and features a formulation to help protect the skin's natural moisture barrier and help maintain good peristomal skin health from day one.

The flexible design may help provide gentle pressure around the stoma to help obtain the right fit and conform to uneven skin surfaces.

The adhesive border may help provide peace of mind and increase confidence in patients with skin creases and varying topography.

The floating flange may help allow a secure pouch and barrier coupling without pressing on the abdomen.

Together the New Image Soft Convex CeraPlus™ skin barrier provides patients with a unique combination of fit and formulation that patients deserve.

  • CeraPlus™ Skin Barrier, Soft Convex
  • Adhesive Tape Border
  • Available cut-to-fit or pre-sized
  • Integrated Floating Flange
  • Integrated coupling system
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

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Request Free Sample Stock Number Outer Diameter Flange Size Order Quantity
*Remois is a technology of Alcare Co., Ltd.
Add to Basket 14A00 Cut-to-fit
up to 25 mm
(up to 1")
45 mm Box of 5
Add to Basket 14A20 22 mm 45 mm Box of 5
Add to Basket 14A25 25 mm 45 mm Box of 5
Add to Basket 15A00 Cut-to-fit
up to 38 mm
(up to 1-1/2")
55 mm Box of 5
Add to Basket 15A29 29 mm 55 mm Box of 5
Add to Basket 15A32 32 mm 55 mm Box of 5
Add to Basket 17A00 Cut-to-fit
up to 51 mm
(up to 2")
70 mm Box of 5
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