How Much Do You Know About Itching Around the Stoma?

We surveyed people with stomas and ostomy care nurses to uncover the truth about peristomal itching. Learn what they said in this interactive quiz. You may be surprised!


What percent of people with stomas experienced itchy skin around their stoma?1


What percent of ostomy care nurses had patients who reported peristomal itching?2


How many people with stomas who experienced itching did not talk about it with their healthcare provider?3


When providing care to their patients, what were the ostomy care nurses mostly likely to say about itching?4


How many people with stomas who experienced itching had healthy looking peristomal skin?5


How many ostomy care nurses could remember a time when their patient reported itching around their stoma and had healthy looking skin?6


What did ostomy care nurses say is the most common cause of itching in healthy looking peristomal skin?7


2 in 5 people noticed their peristomal itching was worse at a certain time of year. In what time of year did these people experience itchy skin more often?8


According to people with stomas who had healthy looking skin, which of these things made their itching worse?9


Which of the following did 4 out of 5 ostomy care nurses say made the itching better when the peristomal skin looked healthy? (Their top answer!)10




Do you experience itching around your stoma?

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1, 3, 5, 8, 9 Hollister Data on File. Consumer Survey of Pruritus, ref-00859. 2016.
2, 4, 6, 7, 10 Hollister Data on File. Clinician Survey of Pruritus, ref-00860. 2016.


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