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AnchorFast SlimFit Oral Endotracheal Tube Fastener

The AnchorFast SlimFit oral endotracheal tube fastener provides a convenient means to hold an oral endotracheal (ET) tube in place without the use of adhesive tape and is designed with the intent to accommodate smaller faces.

  • Secures ET tubes ranging in size 5.0-8.0 mm
  • Grey track to differentiate from other AnchorFast products
  • Gliding tube shuttle allows for side-to-side repositioning of the ET tube
  • Thumb pad with increased surface area for finger or thumb placement when opening
  • Upper lip foam designed to increase surface area contact
  • 2 piece neck strap for secondary securement

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AnchorFast SlimFit Instructions for Use

Prior to use, be sure to read the Instructions for Use for information regarding Intended Use, Contraindications, Warnings, Precautions, and Instructions.