Customer Profile: Rachel Stokes

  • 13/11/2023
  • Corporate

Rachel Stokes with her Tibetan terrier, Doris
Hollister Ostomy Consumer
Customer of Fittleworth Medical, United Kingdom (a KMT Medical company)

“About seven years ago, I got diagnosed with bowel cancer, and I had to go through chemo and different sorts of treatment. It takes a little bit of time when you get home, to think ‘alright, how am I going to deal with this?

“But then Fittleworth come in with their stoma nurses and start to support you, and it’s so important to have that support, because I realized there were different types of pouches that I could try. It comes down to getting the right thing for you so that you will hopefully, not have any leakages and things like that.

“You have some support from the hospital in the interim stage, but then you hear from the Fittleworth nurse and they come out to see you. My Fittleworth nurse was fantastic!

“Fittleworth, I would say – it sounds a little bit corny, but think of them as your extended family member. They are there to support you in various situations that might come up in life, how you live, and how confident you feel.”


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