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Working together to improve the lives of people managing bladder conditions

Advocacy Organisations


Published by MA Healthcare Limited, the British Journal of Nursing (BJN) is a clinical journal for nurses. Authoritative, accessible, and diverse, it's an essential read for everyone from students to specialists. 

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Journal of Urological Nursing

British Association of Urological Nurses (BAUN) is involved in producing a number of publications to help with professional development and advancement in urological care. These include the International Journal of Urological nursing, BAUN newsletter and BAUN urological guidelines.

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Nursing Standard

Nursing Standard brings you unequalled coverage of leading clinical practice, research articles, continuing professional development articles plus analysis of all the key developments in nursing and how they affect you.

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Nursing Times

Nursing Times and its website publish original nursing research and a host of clinical articles for nurses at all stages in their career.

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Spinal Cord Journal

Spinal Cord is a multi-disciplinary forum for basic science, clinical and applied studies, psychology and epidemiology of spinal disorders.

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