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Thank you for your interest in Hollister products. To request free product samples, please submit the information below. If necessary, the Hollister Consumer Programmes Team may need to contact you to confirm product sizing. Please provide all appropriate contact information.

Customer Information

    Privacy Statement: You have provided your consent to Hollister Limited and all other companies in the same group of companies, to use your personal contact and medical information (in particular your name, address, information about your medical condition and medical products and services you need or desire) in order to contact you by postal mail, by email or telephone (including SMS (text) messaging) to inform you about the Hollister Group and their products and services.

    For this purpose, Hollister Limited may also transfer your information to other companies of the Hollister Group in the UK, Europe and the United States. You accept that your personal data may be stored and processed in any of those countries and/or on secure computer servers (including what are known as “Cloud” servers) used by Hollister Group companies in the UK and abroad (including outside of Europe).

    Your consent is optional and can be withdrawn at any time by contacting: Hollister Customer Services on 0800 521377

    Consent language for sample requests

    By clicking the button “yes, I consent” below, I declare my consent that Hollister Limited as well as its group companies (see here), may collect, process, and use the personal information I provide for the following purpose(s) (tick all that apply):

    • to provide me with the product sample(s) I have requested

      NOTE: this box must be checked in order to process your request for samples

    • to contact me to follow-up regarding the product sample(s) I have requested
    • to provide me with information about Hollister and its products and services

    I may be contacted (tick all that apply):

    • by telephone
    • by email
    • by post

    I understand that the personal information I have provided may include sensitive information regarding my health, including details of my medical condition and care. I understand that my consent is voluntary and is not required in order for me to communicate with Hollister. However, I am aware that the fulfillment of certain requests, such as the provision of product samples or advice regarding my product needs, may not be possible if I do not provide my consent to processing my personal and sensitive information.

    I can withdraw my consent at any time by contacting Such withdrawal only has future effect (i.e., the withdrawal of my consent has no effect on the lawfulness of the data processing and disclosures before the withdrawal was made).

    Further information on Hollister’s privacy practices can be found here.